Why Michel Godts as your graphic designer partner?

I am a freelance graphic designer located in Rochester, NY with over 30 years of experience. I operate under the business name of Michel Godts Creative, LLC

You are—

  • A small business owner, nonprofit executive director, or a marketing communication director.

You want to hire a graphic designer because—

  • Effective marketing communication depends on strong messages supported by strong visuals, effective layouts, and easy to use websites.
  • Experienced graphic designers have the expertise to develop designs that provide credibility and a personality for your brand and communication materials. A successful design will help set you apart from the competition and distinguish your service or product as unique, memorable, and desirable.
  • You trust their expertise and insight and want to receive unique and targeted design solutions that you would not imagine yourself.

Your ideal graphic designer—

  • Has many years of proven design experience in print, web, and corporate identity, with a portfolio to support it.
  • Is committed to learning about your business, demographic, marketing strategy, competition, and industry.
  • Is dedicated to your needs and wants to help you define and support your web and print communication for many years to come.
  • Can advise about new technologies, emerging trends, and best practices.
  • Communicates extremely well, meets deadlines, can work without supervision.
  • Can calculate project costs that are realistic and will stay within budget.
  • Can find, art direct, and manage other creative services if needed.
  • Can provide client testimonials and references.

Your budget is realistic!

  • As an experienced designer I charge more than a junior designer because I bring over 30 years of design practice and business skills to our partnership. These help me create effective communication materials that engage, educate, and inform while reinforcing your branding. This experience lets you avoid costly mistakes and makes the working process very smooth.
  • Behind the strong and unique design you are looking for, there are many hours of exploring and evaluating other directions.
  • The cost of a well-conceived graphic design with maximum impact is an investment. Professional-looking, easy to comprehend print materials and advertisements, together with websites that are user friendly, improve the way people perceive your service or product and will increase sales and customer retention.

I get top results for my clients because I’ve been doing graphic design (logo and print design) since the early 80s and web design and communication strategy since 1993. I’ve worked with many businesses and nonprofits across a number of industries over the years. I’m committed to providing my clients with meaningful design that communicates the right messages in print and online to help businesses and organizations succeed.

Michel Godts

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