Designs that communicate. Great communication skills. A passion for excellence. Caring for my client’s needs as my own. Combined with being an extremely responsive team player, and an excellent project manager. These are all qualities that build long term relationships.

With careful observation and discovery of what the client is trying to accomplish, Michel applies his deep and relevant expertise in educating the client on how to best achieve it, and pro-actively working to get it all done. Concentus Women’s Chorus is fortunate to have Michel as our trusted adviser in taking the most effective steps to promote, maintain and grow our brand.

Kathy Grant, Marketing Program Director, Concentus Women’s Chorus

Working with Michel is always a pleasure. Michel doesn’t only deliver high quality designs, he fully understands our business objectives and delivers a solution that is aligned with our vision. He is the most professional designer I worked with since 2004 and always exceeds my expectations.

Magnus Hoglund, Chief Executive Officer, Portfolio Media

Michel is unique. Finding an excellent graphic designer that also has a good business sense is a rare gem. Michel was hired to build me a website, but he delivered a well thought-out online business. I have never been one that likes people that just nod their head and say yes. Michel is not afraid to tell me why he thinks my ideas may not be good and show me alternatives. I highly recommend Michel—you’ll get a great end result and he makes the process enjoyable.

David Clar, President, Expressly-Yours Yearbooks and Clarigo

Yorkshire Academy was fortunate to have Michel Godts come our way in 2002. Since then Michel has used his unending creativity, good taste, and attention to detail in many wonderful print pieces, but most importantly, our website. Working closely with Michel, we have transformed our website into our most dynamic and important marketing vehicle. We are amazed daily at the contacts we receive from all over the world, because of this one tool. We give Michel great credit for this success, and recommend him with our highest praise.

Lori Darnell, Marketing Director, Yorkshire Academy

Michel’s attention to detail is unsurpassed. He stays current with evolving technologies, is a great listener and asks the right questions. He blends his considerable design talents with impressive digital media skills that make every project a success. We have collaborated since 2002 on well over 100 projects and I have never been disappointed with Michel’s talent, attention to detail or French accent.

Don Goodell, Creative Director, Edge Creative Strategies

Michel and I have worked together on numerous occasions in the past and I can more than vouch for him. Along with his wealth of experience, attention to detail and professionalism, Michel truly understands how to design for the Web. The quality of his work stands well above any other designer I’ve ever worked with and that says a lot since I’ve worked with quite a few.

Ricardo Emans, Owner, SpinVisible

Prior to hiring Michel at Edge, he had been my client for several years, so I have experienced his professionalism from both sides. He has the ability to develop Internet strategies that are both compelling and practical, always keeping the business objectives in mind. He’s extremely organized and great to work with.

Dave Steitz, President at Steitz Partners

As a writer, I treasure the experience every time I am teamed with a designer who treats my work with respect, and who can make my writing better and more effective. Michel is a designer—in print and on the web—who does this, time and again. I look forward to every project with him.

Steve Barnhill, Principal, Edge Creative Strategies

Michel is one of the only designers who understands the limitations of the web and takes an active role in educating both designers and technologists in the communication demands of the “new” medium. It is a dream to work with someone who can render succinct and beautiful design that clearly meet its communication goals within technology constraints, and always on time and on budget.

JoAnn Takasaki, Freelance Writer/Editor, GlobalWrites

As both Art Director and Manager, Michel led by teaching. His ability to make complex design and technical challenges simple for both designers and his clients is one of his many great assets. Both as a designer and as a manager, Michel became one of the most influential mentors I have had in my career and I know that his clients feel the same way when they work on a project with him.

Bo Bothe, President and Chief Executive Officer, BrandExtract

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