Professional logo and visual identity design services to support your brand


I am Michel Godts, a full time freelance graphic designer who has been designing logos and visual identity designs for over 30 years. I work from my home office in Rochester, NY, and can help you wherever you are in the United States.

My custom logo design services

  • Exclusive logo design for businesses and nonprofit organizations
  • Business card design: one- or two-sided card
  • Stationery design: letterhead, MS Word template, #10 envelop, shipping label, and more as needed
  • Social media theme design: social media icons and cover images

My promise

I’ll work with you like a trusted partner to provide a truly unique and memorable custom logo design that communicates your brand and is recognizable for all possible marketing materials and usage: in full color and in black and white; in very small and large sizes; on prints, screens, and fabrics.

Michel Godts

How does it work?


You contact me about your project. We talk it over briefly on the phone and I send you a cost estimate.

After confirmation of a budget and schedule the following process applies:

  1. We work together on a creative brief to describe your brand, services, and target markets.
  2. The design starts. Design concepts are presented.
  3. We meet again to discuss what you like/do not like, what concept(s) should be refined further, or if additional concepts should be designed.
  4. You review the new option(s) and either approve a design or request minor revisions.
  5. A design is approved. I then produce and send you the final deliverables.


If possible, I prefer face-to-face meetings. Otherwise, Skype or phone conferences will be scheduled.

Briefing guidelines

What I will ask you to provide and discuss before I can start the design process:

  • Full brand’s name.
  • Tagline if you have one.
  • Your mission, philosophy, marketing strategy, or anything that summarizes what the brand should communicate.
  • Your industry and how you differ from your competitors.
  • Five adjectives that describe your brand’s personality.
  • If the brand has to work with existing graphic communication materials, make sure to provide them with some explanation.
  • Any visual preferences or requirements I should know about.

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