Logo for Sale: Group Fit & Dance

Pre-made logo for a group fitness or/and dance program


A unique symbol and logo design representing a group of people who dance or workout together. The symbol is composed of four abstract human figures. Each figure has a unique shape to symbolize a specific workout or dance movement. As demonstrated in a graphic below, the figures can be used outside the logo for illustration purpose—such as in a flyer, brochure, or website.

Buy this unique logo and get—

  • An original symbol and logo design.
  • Copyright ownership (this symbol is sold only once).
  • Design refinement if needed.
  • Company/program name customization.
  • All files needed for print, screen, social media applications.
  • Partial of full stationery components: business card, letterhead, envelope(s), mailing label.
  • Anything else? Please ask.

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Project Image

Full color symbol

Project Image

One color variation

Project Image

Composed of four abstract human shapes

Project Image

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