Social media branding starts with account names

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It used to be that you were doing well to have a web presence. Now you must have some kind of social media presence—whether that’s on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or others. Even if you’re not ready for that, it’s important to at least get your account/user name locked in now.

How will it be used

There are account names and there are usernames. Twitter and YouTube, for example, use your username. Facebook and LinkedIn are by account name. How will people find your business or association social media accounts? Will it be used in the signature of each employee? On business cards? Ads? In publications? Will there be a link on your site or just a button or both?

Create a list of names

Make a list of all the possible names you think people will use to find your company/association. This might include your company/organization name, it’s abbreviation/acronym, the name of your best selling product. If your brand cannot be used, think about the subject of your blog: is it about latest news or is it supporting a specific marketing campaign?

Know your limits

As you come up with this list, keep in mind that there are limits. For example, Twitter only allows 15 characters in the username. You can’t use spaces in the name. It needs to be both readable and recognizable that it’s associated with you.

Find your name

The online services below are great tools for looking up the availability of social media account names in a single place. Ideally, you’ll be able to secure a social media name that can be used as either the account name or the username and is available across all the sites you want to be on. If that’s not possible, then do try to be as consistent as possible. Social media will feed into your overall brand identity, strategy and recognition.

Search if your preferred username, domain name, and vanity url are still available:

  • Knowem? It will check over 500 social media websites, over 150 domain name services, and the trademark database from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • Namechk. To search more than 100 social media websites.

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