Is your brand design ready for social media?

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Many of my clients have invested a lot of time to develop a recognized and trusted name and brand image. With the explosion of social media, clients are regularly asking me to generate graphics for their various social media accounts. It can be challenging at times.

The social media challenge

Each social media service has a different format requirement for the account’s image—a fixed, small, square for one; a fixed width but unlimited height for another one; a small banner for a third service, etc. Not all brands come with a logo icon. Not all icons are square. A logotype with a fine typeface or a long name does not scale down well. You can imagine how difficult it can then be to create social media “images” that will be consistent with your brand.

Consider a brand re-fresh

It might be time to consider re-designing the brand identity for your business or association if you find yourself in the situation where you don’t have a brand identity system that is flexible enough to meet all your needs.

One brand for all

A professional brand designer will be able to design a strong brand identity system that can be used across all the media you are planning to use, remaining consistent regardless of the technical requirements. The brand system will work for: company stationary, print publishing, website publishing, social media networks, video commercials, PowerPoint presentations, mobile applications, etc.

Don’t sell your brand short

This is not a simple bit of design work. A truly professional brand design and system will clearly communicate your organization’s message and vision consistently and successfully across all mediums and applications. To do it right requires time and also trust between the designer and client through frequent and honest communication. Don’t sell your brand short with an insufficient logo design budget. In today’s world, your image is everything.

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