Web best practices

Best practice advices and opinions about website design, web communication, and web content publishing.

Responsive or dedicated website design?

The use of tablets and mobile phones to browse the Web is increasing each day. For an ideal user experience, a website must offer content easily read on different screen sizes, with links and buttons easily mouse-clicked or finger-tapped. There are two ways to do this: responsive layouts and dedicated website versions.

Don’t leave the brand’s tagline behind

Good taglines are hard to come by, which is why so many brands choose to not have one. This is a mistake. A company name and logo and all the bullet points in the world do not have the same, lasting impact that a tagline does.

Social media branding starts with account names

It used to be that you were doing well to have a web presence. Now you must have some kind of social media presence—whether that’s on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or others. Even if you’re not ready for that, it’s important to at least get your account/user name locked in now.

Is your brand design ready for social media?

Many of my clients have invested a lot of time to develop a recognized and trusted name and brand image. With the explosion of social media, clients are regularly asking me to generate graphics for their various social media accounts. It can be challenging at times.

The importance of file-naming convention in web publishing

There are as many file-naming conventions in the world as there are people naming files. In the age of content management systems, collaboration and search, it is important to have a convention and use it consistently.

Five writing tips for better Web content

The basic rules of writing still apply online—know your audience, give them the information they want, in the way they need it. Keep the following five Web best practice copywriting tips in mind when writing content for your website.

“Click here to…” a poor user interface practice

As I was evaluating the content of a website for one of my clients, I noticed that she would always use the phrase “click here” when linking to another page. This is not a good practice in user interfaces.

How effective is your web communication? A good website traffic report can tell you

Unlike a printed brochure or print marketing campaign you can evaluate the success of an online campaign almost instantly. All you have to do is analyze your website traffic report.

Where do I click? Poor user interface is poor communication

Have you ever found that sometimes you just don’t know what you can or can’t click on in a website page?

Web traffic marketing—driving visitors to your website

Before launching your new website an important question must be asked: How can we ensure that prospective clients will find it?

Recognize and correct basic typography mistakes found in online and print communications

The advent of desktop publishing technologies gave us the power to compose printed pages and screens with fonts that were once available only to typesetters who knew the rules of typography. But do we know how to set-up type?

CMS and desktop publishing—how to not look like an amateur

Content management solutions (CMS) allow anybody to publish content on their website. While this is certainly an advantage, I have noticed that most of my clients make four common typographic mistakes typical of amateur publishing.

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